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Sometimes you need special skills.

Welcome to where individuality reigns and tailored solutions are our specialty. We are a consultancy firm that passionately believes in embracing the unique requirements of each client we serve. In a world that often tries to fit everyone into standardized molds, we stand out by celebrating and harnessing the power of individuality. With our deep understanding of diverse industries and extensive experience, we craft customized strategies that address your specific needs, aspirations, and challenges. Trust us to guide you on a transformative journey that unlocks your full potential and propels you towards success. Experience the difference of personalized consultancy with us.

Exclusive Services

We proudly deliver services in areas of our utmost specialization and demonstrate exceptional prowess, firmly establishing our dominance in these domains. We serve a variety of industries from retail to finance and architecture.

1 / Jewelry Brand Consultancy

We help you to create your jewelry brand from scratch or develop / re-position your existing brand to succeed in a very competitive industry. Reach your customers online and offline with the same level or service quality.

2 / Fashion and Retail Consultancy

A sophisticated retail and fashion consultancy service offers unparalleled expertise, orchestrating strategic brilliance for brands within the retail and fashion sectors, elevating operational excellence, enriching customer journeys, and ensuring prescient alignment with the vanguard of industry trends.

3 / Private Banking Customer Experience

Create an experience for your UHNW customers beyond the numbers. Train your teams as luxury managers, not bankers. We aim to remove the experience gap between industries and shape a seamless luxury experience for UHNW customers.

4 / City and Place Branding Services

Like anything else, cities, places, and buildings can be branded. Branding a place is not for tourists. Branding a place is creating spaces that people want to be for living, investing and entertaining.

5 / Premium Automotive Customer Experience

Drive experience in the ever-changing automotive industry for the premium and luxury segments. 


"The most important asset on your balance sheet is,
Happy Customers." 

Introducing Sencer Deren:

A Catalyst for Success in Premium Industries and Branding.

Step into the world of Sencer Deren, a seasoned executive director who has left an indelible mark on various industries, including Automotive, Retail, and Luxury Goods. With an illustrious career spanning international powerhouse companies, Sencer has mastered the art of crafting success stories, pioneering global pilot projects, and breathing life into nascent markets.

Sencer's unwavering commitment to analysis and strategic thinking has consistently propelled brands forward, enabling them to navigate the ever-changing tides of the market with resilience. His expertise lies in the realm of premium and luxury business, where he possesses an exceptional knack for business development, creating unforgettable customer experiences, and crafting visionary brand strategies.

Beyond his role as a consultant, Sencer is a captivating lecturer and a sought-after keynote speaker, captivating audiences with his wealth of knowledge and inspiring insights. With a unique ability to unravel complexities and offer practical solutions, Sencer is the catalyst you need to drive your business to new heights.

Join the ranks of those who have benefitted from Sencer Deren's transformative expertise. Embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and unrivalled success by harnessing his unparalleled skills in the premium industry landscape. Your future awaits, and Sencer is here to guide you towards realizing your true potential.

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Our services are shown below but, are not limited to. Contact us for your unique requirements. We will be happy to help you.

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